Tasty Home Made Burgers

Every Burger on our Menu is Hand Made from Scratch even the batter on the Chicken Burgers! We pride ourselves on the finest tasting bun fillers around & once again you Build your Own the way you like it, plain simple and tasty or stacked and full of flavour, its up to you!

Quarter Pounder - £3.80

Double Decker - £5.10

(Half Pounder)

Minted Lamb Burger - £3.90

Lamb Double Decker - £5.40

Chicken Fillet Burger - £3.90

Bubble & Squeak Burger - £3.30


Vegetable Bean Burger - £3.40


Now choose what goes on it

Cheddar Cheese 25p

Bacon - 35p

Onion Rings - 30p

Sliced Pickled Gherkins - 10p

Sweet Chilli Sauce - 10p

Stilton Cheese - 30p

Mushrooms - 30p

Sliced Pineapple - 20p

Home Made Chucky Salsa - 10p

Jalapenos Bacon - 10p

All burgers come with Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce & Onion on the side