I've had way to many salads with loads of stuff I dont like so we thought why not choose what you like and create a plate full of healthy crunchy stuff, have it as big or small as your appetite. If you add one of our Homemade Dressings it might not be quite as healthy but boy it tastes good!

Plain Salad - £2.50

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion & Carrot

With a choice of

Flaked Tuna £1.90

Sliced Chicken Breast £2.10

Crispy Bacon £1.70

Home Made Caesar or French Dressing 40p

Now choose what goes on it

Cheddar Cheese - 30p

Stilton Cheese - 40p

Hard Boiled Egg - 80p

Mixed Olives - 20p

Jalapenos - 10p

Walnuts - 30p

Sweetcorn - 20p

Pineapple Chunks - 15p

Home Made Coleslaw - 30p